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March 17

Book Discussion: The Explosive Child, by Dr. Ross W. Greene

Join CKG and Ashely Morgan Soukup, MA, LMFT of Summit Emotional Health as we discuss the book, The Explosive Child, by Dr. Ross W. Greene. As Dr. Greene explains, “research done over the last 40 to 50 years tells us that behaviorally challenging kids lack important skills, especially flexibility/adaptability, frustration tolerance, and problem solving. This is why they explode or exhibit challenging behaviors when certain situations demand those skills.” The Explosive Child provides a framework for understanding the neuroscience behind their difficulties, why traditional parenting models often don’t work, and what to do instead.

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We hear the term ADHD frequently, but what is it exactly? 

On February 17 join us to learn the behaviors associated with an ADHD diagnosis (spoiler – not everyone with ADHD is hyperactive), the pros and cons of diagnosis, the best ways to support a teen with ADHD, and the challenges of parenting with ADHD. We will also touch on inclusion of ADHD in the neurodiversity movement.

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The Explosive Child by Dr. Ross W Greene

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