Mental Health Awareness

CKG Foundation: Fire Up Your Superpowers in May

Available All Year Long

One big goal of the Cameron K. Gallagher (CKG) Foundation is to point teens toward mental health tools or superpowers they already have – all the time, for free. They see it as a win times three.

  1. Discovery – Knowing you have them is empowerment.
  2. Training – Using your superpowers is the journey and the goal.
  3. Life Readiness – You can build mental and emotional strength which makes you prepared to navigate the stress of life, empowered. (See #1)

In May, CKG is not only celebrating mental health awareness with the rest of the planet they are celebrating four specific superpowers week by week. 

Week 1 – The Magic of The Breath

Week 2 – The Restorative Powers of Sleep

Week 3 – The Natural Calm from Nature

Week 4 – Move Your Body – Slow the Thoughts

Join them on socials in May – interact, comment, submit stories or ideas around the themes all month long. 

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