Let’s Discuss Consent!

Join us for CKG’s regular virtual meeting, Conversations with CKG. October features an expert-led discussion on the powerful book, Consent: The News Rules of Sex Education: Every Teen’s Guide to Healthy Sexual Relationships by Jennifer Lang, MD.

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If there is one critical component to establishing healthy sexual relationships, it is a firm grip on the concept of consent. Sex as a general topic can be difficult for teens to discuss. Asking them to consider their own experiences, their personal boundaries and ways to communicate consent requires next level communication.

Conversations with CKG’s September offering: Let’s Talk About Sex helped to set the tone for this Book Discussion about consent and healthy sexual relationships. No problem if you missed it. This next conversation is sure to also inspire intentional, compassionate conversation about all these important, personal topics. The discussion leader expert is therapist, Summit Emotional Health‘s Ashley Morgan Soukup, MA, LMFT.

CKG Foundation has long held that productive, open and supportive conversations about difficult topics can have a profound impact on current and future mental health. Conversation’s with CKG is our commitment to always SpeakUp and to listen as well.

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About the book

Sex education is something nearly all students are taught, but the divide between school-based instruction and lived experience is vast. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Jennifer Lang delivers a frank, compassionate, and evidence-based guide to healthy sexual relationships, focusing on the crucial yet often overlooked role of consent. A board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Lang is dedicated to helping young people develop a healthy sense of sexuality that starts with a fundamental understanding of their bodies, their desires, and their boundaries. Written for all teens, and inclusive of all sexual identities and orientations, this book emphasizes the need for active, enthusiastic consent in every sexual encounter. It outlines not only what consent looks like, but the importance of recognizing when a person has the capacity to give consent and when they don’t. Ultimately, this real-life guide to sexuality provides unambiguous guidance to help teen and young adults make healthy decisions for themselves.

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A part of CKG Mental Wellness Education and Community Outreach, Conversations with CKG is a community platform which seeks to turn the whispered, hidden conversations about mental health into open, supportive, educational dialogue.

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